A private coaching + MASTERMIND experience for entrepreneurs ready to:

Work with me and my A-team to increase your sales and impact by 100% or more
Expand your brand and boldly put yourself out there through media, a book, or speaking
Powerfully embody your soul’s calling as a fierce CEO and leader in your industry
Brilliant entrepreneur,

At an event for business owners I spoke at in South Africa, a woman shared a story with me that I continue to think about while reshaping Immersion, my private coaching experience. She told me:  

“I started this business while living with my parents and grew it to nearly 4 million rand or $250,000 USD. I thought being at this level would feel different, and I just don’t know where to go from here.”
“What did you envision this level feeling like?” I asked her.

She sighed… 

"Well, I thought I would be taking a higher salary for one. My business doubled the past year but I couldn’t pay myself more.

I thought my team could handle more without me so I could work less but there’s still so much I’m doing.

I thought I wouldn’t have the fear I had when I started but I am still afraid. I want to grow so much bigger but I’m afraid I can’t handle it.

Oh, and I thought I’d have time for a boyfriend but I spend my Friday nights catching up on things I didn’t get to while hustling all week!"

I know all these feelings well. So many business owners (women in particular) do too. 

I underpaid myself, and prioritized my business growth over my needs and desires for years. I constantly felt afraid I couldn’t handle everything on my plate. I didn’t have time for the relationship I wanted because I was always working. 

Elle Magazine may call me the “ultimate self-starting business woman” now, but I sure didn’t feel that way for the first few years of laying the foundation of my company. 

I launched my first business and from my bedroom at my parents’ house in Canada a decade ago with a laptop and a dream. 

I envisioned my life and business in California. I pictured a team of brilliant people working with me, rather than doing it all alone. I imagined turning my tiny business into a million dollar brand, and inspiring people through my books and on stages all over the world. 

As I write this from the first class sky deck on a flight back to my home in Los Angeles after hosting my most epic event yet, I can say that every part of my dream -- and even more -- has been realized.

I’m an international speaker and 4x author, named by Inc. Magazine as one of “27 Women Changing the World.” was listed by Forbes on “Top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs” and we’ve served over a million ambitious business owners like you with our videos, resources, and programs.

It didn’t happen overnight. But along the way, as I constantly sought new ways and means to build the business of my dreams, I also built a map and key systems for growing companies. 

This became the foundation for two of my bestselling books, The Conquer Kit and Conquer Your Year, and it’s how I support others to achieve their deepest desires. I’ve since taken over 1,000+ clients on that same journey. 

It’s truly my soul’s calling to share my wealth of knowledge building businesses across multiple industries with entrepreneurs ready to not only build an epic business, but an epic life to match.

That's why I’m thrilled to announce:  

I’m offering my deep-dive Immersion Incubator again, your opportunity to be among a group of incredible entrepreneurs working with me 1-1 and getting support from me and my team. 

It’s part 1-on-1 and group coaching, part CEO school, part intimate mastermind, and part dream incubator.

Inside this extraordinary experience, you'll get access to my years of hard-won wisdom, and the high-level strategy and support proven to build or expand a powerfully profitable business aligned with your higher purpose and your goals.

You’ll also get access to my team of operations, finance, and copywriting allstars to help you cut through the obstacles and the overwhelm so you can find yourself running your business the way you envisioned when you started.

Yes, the same team that runs my company will be working with you to uplevel yours...

...If you’re ready for it. (And I have a hunch that you are, even if it brings up fear. That’s when you know you’re on the right path!)  

Once you complete your application, I’ll be reviewing it personally and our team will be in touch about your best next steps. I’ll be jumping on strategy calls with those I know I can support in taking their businesses to new heights.

I look forward to reading your application and hearing more about your big vision for 2019 and beyond. 

How Immersion works:

Inside Immersion, you’ll get all the coaching, feedback, and support you need to become CEO of a business that supports the life you really dream about. 

(A life where you pay yourself what you’re worth, build a team that truly supports you, enjoy the freedom you deserve, and more.) 

First, you’ll work directly with me in a 1-1 session at the beginning of each month to lay out your strategy for the next 30 days.

Then, you'll have access to my team 1-1 but in a group setting. Let me explain how that works. On our video conference calls with my team members, you'll get 1-1 support, however, other members of Immersion can attend that session. You get to be on their hot seats too!  

There is a huge benefit to this format because chances are, there is somebody else in the group that is figuring out the same thing you are (hello massive list growth strategies!), or there’s someone in the group asking questions that you don't even know to ask. Serious magic and inspiration happens with this kind of energy. It opens up opportunities for you and your peers to discover blind spots or ideas you may have never considered before. It’s life changing. It’s game changing. And it’s what we're all about inside Immersion. 

Let's take a closer look at the format and flow of Immersion...

part 1

Monthly 1-1 coaching with me

Inside Immersion, you'll get a 1-1 hot seat with me every single month. This might be my favorite part of the whole experience. ;) 

Together, we’ll reflect on and revise your strategy, focusing on your next 30 days. You’ll get a chance to have me review and give feedback on anything you're working on, brainstorm with you, answer any questions coming up, and uncover blocks or patterns or challenges that may stop you from being able to execute and hit your goals. 

We’ll also dive into the nitty gritty of developing your CEO mindset, and what scaling your business really looks like if you want it to fit in with the rest of your life. 

I offer Immersion participants unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to my business, where I share the exact strategies and tactics that have helped me scale, serve, and sell bigger. After that, you take off running with my team behind you every step of the way. 

part 2

Weekly setup and systems call every Monday with my legendary COO Kelly Azevedo

Kelly is the brilliant management and systems brain that helps my business and team run like a well-oiled machine. 

Every Monday inside Immersion, you’ll connect with her to set tasks for the week that keep you on track with the strategy you set with me. This is where you turn your big vision into actionable milestones. Kelly will help you break down those dreams of yours into digestible, totally achievable daily steps that take into account your busy schedule.

As you move through Immersion, she’ll also help you identify systems and automated processes that are missing from your business, implement them A.S.A.P., and make sure they’re running smoothly.  

part 3

Copy support and feedback with my Content Director Hillary Weiss

Your message is the backbone of your brand. And if you haven’t mastered it? You risk losing thousands of potential readers, clients and customers, and raving fans. 

Immersion clients get a monthly group call with my Content Director, Hillary Weiss, who’s been the engine behind the She Takes on the World message for the past 4 years.

Bring your headlines, subject lines, web and sales copy, ads, video scripts, and any other content to these calls for your chance to get feedback and edits from Hillary. 

part 4

Get your financial life in order with my CFO Julia Jenner

As you scale your business, you need to get crystal clear on your numbers (this is something so many entrepreneurs avoid).

So Immersion offers you Q&A access to my CFO Julia, who’ll help you develop a full grasp of your business’s finances -- without the frustration.

Julia will walk you through the financial elements that help you make better budget and data-driven decisions for your business, including being able to read your profit and loss account statement and balance sheet, and plan your cash flow.

If the financial side of things is totally new for you, we’re here to help you build confidence around your finances and feel like the badass CEO of your business that you are.  

part 5

Branding, digital strategy, and tech support from Creative Director Amanda Genther

The look and feel of your brand, how you position yourself online, and the overall user experience you're creating can increase your income and impact in a big way.

That’s why Immersion clients get monthly access to branding and design hot seats with my Creative Director, Amanda Genther, who has been the digital architect of the She Takes on the World brand for the last 3 years.  

Bring your graphics, web pages, funnels, and more to these calls for feedback from Amanda on the platforms and technology to use, and how to make them convert better and attract more of the right clients.

The Meetups

Immersion IRL

Your membership also includes access to two very special in-person implementation retreats during the year. All Immersion members current at the time of the retreat have access, including a complimentary ticket to our Conquer Live signature event. 

In the first half of 2019, you’ll attend Conquer Live on April 29th, and also a special Immersion implementation retreat day on April 30th

There will be another opportunity September 6th and 7th to attend a 'get it done' implementation retreat with Natalie and Kelly in person in Los Angeles as well.

These events are your chance to do the work it takes to grow your dream business, alongside established, revenue-generating business owners like you who’ve taken the leap.

Immersion participants are in a league of their own. They show up profoundly for themselves and others, and are always willing to find a way through their obstacles -- instead of an excuse. And the connections you make with them will be just as powerful as anything you learn inside your coaching sessions and hot seats.  

"Working with Natalie and her team has been an invaluable experience and opportunity to nurture my own professional growth. When I started Authentic Web Solutions, I tacked CEO onto my title of web designer/developer because it didn’t feel right to lead with only CEO. It was a limiting belief that I hadn’t done enough to earn the title. This year, I made a decision to focus on growing my team and business. Our monthly recurring revenue has doubled and overall sales have increased by more than 50%. I wanted to lead a company and not work it from the trenches, and I worked through establishing processes and procedure to lay the groundwork to hire my first web developer to delegate the day to day tasks. In doing so, there was a significant shift in my mindset and confidence, and for the first time in 5 years of starting my business I stepped wholeheartedly into the role of CEO. I am so thankful I took the leap to join and I wish I had done it a year sooner. Thank you Natalie and team for all the support throughout the year."
Karla Fisher, CEO
Authentic Web Solutions, LLC


Immersion is about teaching you how to become a powerful, profitable CEO. If you want to achieve that level of greatness? Investing in yourself is paramount.

We’ll help you do the hard work it takes to chart a course to the million dollar mark, publish a book, hire team members, build your brand into a global name -- but this is not a “get rich quick” approach. 

Immersion is NOT for people who want results overnight, or are stuck in illusions about how things should be.

We celebrate what is. We celebrate people who are coachable, and take the leap.

We celebrate where you are now, and every month we are looking toward your personal next level.

This is why Immersion is a 6 month commitment. But we suspect you may love the experience so much, you’ll continue on after six months. ;)

If you’re ready to discover just how far you and your business can go with...

  • Hands-on strategic support from me, every month, and a backstage pass to my 7-figure business
  • A group of high-level colleagues and advisors helping you every step of the way
  • Real-world strategies that work in the ever-evolving online world -- and the accountability you need to implement them

… Then Immersion is for you.

Space is limited -- but if you’re ready to find out what your next level could REALLY look like, and get all the hands-on support and guidance you need to get there? 

Complete your application TODAY.

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